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Doctor of Philosophy in Theological Studies (PhD) | Paths

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Theological Studies is a research-oriented degree program narrowly focused on theological exegesis and writing. It is designed to develop scholars capable of ongoing research, writing, and study for both the academy and the church. The PhD program prepares scholar practitioners to write academically and think critically in order to address difficulties the African church faces, and to teach others to do the same. Through exegesis of the biblical text in the original language, analytical review of scholarly literature, and use of appropriate research methods, the PhD student will produce a dissertation representing a valuable original contribution to the chosen area of study.

PhD students represent an array of God-given callings. This degree is particularly well-suited to those desiring to pursue scholarly writing and teaching at higher levels.

Applicants must have a strong background in theological and exegetical studies. 

While many of the courses will be cross-enrolled with DMin students, the focus of the assignments will be directed toward exegesis and critical theological writing.

The PhD program requires 3 weeks of residence on campus twice each year, for a total of 8 sessions of course work during a 4-year period.

The program consists of an initial 15 hours of core course requirements, 12 hours of program-general requirements, and 10 hours of research that the cohort studies together. An additional 12 hours of elective courses and 12 hours of dissertation research and writing complete the program.

Because the PhD degree is a research degree, 22 hours of the overall program are dedicated to research. This begins with New Student Orientation (RES 9051), which exposes students to the overall program and provides tools to assist them in their work at PAThS. Three intensive research courses are provided to develop the student’s abilities in doctoral-level research and to advance the dissertation-writing process: Doctoral Research Seminar (RES 9103); Research Methods and Proposal Development (RES 9153); and Strategies for Data Collection and Analysis (RES 9203). The final 12 credits of research comprise the Dissertation Research (RES 9986) and the Dissertation Development and Defense (RES 9996). A total of 61 credit hours is required for the PhD program:

  • Core Courses: 15 credit hours
  • General Courses: 12 credit hours
  • Elective Courses: 12 credit hours
  • Research Courses: 22 credit hours


Latest news

The PAThS leadership team is pleased to announce a partnership initiative with the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) to offer a new doctoral degree for Africa, beginning with the 2016 PAThS cohort.

The PAThS Academic Affairs Committee is pleased to announce the Lectureship Emergence and Advancement Program (LEAP) Fellowship and the selection of the first PAThS Leap Fellow, Dr. Béchié GNANCHOU.

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