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A message from the Chancellor

African Assemblies of God leaders have long expressed the need and desire for doctoral training on the continent of Africa. Church leaders agree that such studies are best done within the African context, rather than on other continents. PAThS students are surrounded by the language, customs, climate, and culture in which they will work afterwards. Further, this program will be within the economic reach of many ministers, minimizing expenses and difficulties of traveling overseas for such studies.

Students enrolling at PAThS will have a number of benefits. Theologically, students will focus upon principles of biblical understanding, cross-cultural evangelism, and Pentecostal studies. Academically, PAThS is committed to being a leading center of Christian thought and action. Socially, the school provides an opportunity for students to understand and practice the interconnectedness of the Body of Christ. Spiritually, PAThS encourages the personal growth of students through personal spiritual formation, thus enabling them to facilitate the spiritual growth of others.

Our seasoned faculty and staff are prepared to serve. Our goal is to develop students to BE all that God designs for them to be, to DO all that God calls them to do, and to KNOW all that God has given them to know. We are convinced that mere verbal assent of belief falls short of the New Testament standard.

It is said, “The only preparation for tomorrow is the right use of today.” It is my personal desire and prayer that all who come to PAThS will have their spiritual life transformed in order to proactively meet the challenges faced by the church in our day. Together we can do well to the glory of God and for the blessing of mankind!

John O. Ikoni, DMin

Latest news

The PAThS leadership team is pleased to announce a partnership initiative with the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS) to offer a new doctoral degree for Africa, beginning with the 2016 PAThS cohort.

The PAThS Academic Affairs Committee is pleased to announce the Lectureship Emergence and Advancement Program (LEAP) Fellowship and the selection of the first PAThS Leap Fellow, Dr. Béchié GNANCHOU.

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